Fishing in Broomfield

Fish iconFishing is allowed in Broomfield-owned ponds. Here are a few of the pond locations. All ponds meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Any fishing is subject to State of Colorado regulations. The regulations can be obtained anywhere licenses are sold, or at Parks & Wildlife's website
Fishing at Josh's Pond

  • Tom Frost Reservoir, located on the northwest corner of Midway and Lowell Boulevards
  • Josh's Pond, located just west of 11th Avenue Place and Oak Circle
  • The Trails Pond, just east of Lowell Boulevard and south of Trails Avenue.
  • Alexx & Michael's Pond, located at 132nd Avenue and Zuni Street
  • Ellie's Pond, located in The Field, south of 10th Avenue and east of Main Street
  • Siena Reservoir, located east of Lowell Boulevard and south of the Northwest Parkway
  • Plaster Reservoir, east of Lowell Boulevard between 144th Avenue and 136th Avenue
  • Metzger Farm Open Space (located in Westminster), at 120th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard