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Summer 2017 Registration! 2017 Registration Packet

Thinking about summer??? If not, now is the time to start thinking about care for your child for the upcoming summer. 

In order to register for 2017 Camp Explorer Summer programs all families will need to complete a 2-step verification prior to camp registration opening. Individuals who have not completed all steps of the Pre-Registration process will not be able to register until all steps have been completed, and may lose priority at the time of registration.

Early Bird Registration for 2017 Summer Programming

Registration for Camp Explorer programs in 2017 can be completed online through Upon confirmation of pre registration verification each family will receive an access code for their 2017 Camp Registration. This access code will allow you to complete your registration once open.

A special link will be emailed to families that have completed all pre registration steps within 24 hours of your registration period opening.

Returning Residents

 (Registration opens at 10am MT on 2/18) 
All Returning Residents will receive 10% off from 2/18-2/21 so be sure to register early—Returning Residents registering after 2/21 and prior to the conclusion of Early Bird Registration will receive 5% off.

New Residents

(Registration opens at 6pm MT on 2/22) 


All New Residents will receive 5% off from 2/22-2/28 so be sure to register early and claim your space!

Returning Non Residents

 (Registration opens at 10am MT on 2/25)
All Returning Non Residents will receive 5% off from 2/25-2/28 so be sure to register early and claim your space!

Early Bird Registration will close on Tuesday February 28th. Beginning on Wednesday March 1st any remaining space will be open for registration to all families including New Non Residents at full price.2017

Pre-Registration Two Step Verification

Step One- Establishing Residency

All camp families will need to establish their residency prior to the Early Bird Registration to be eligible for 2017 Camp Registration. Residents must come into either BCC or PDRC to obtain or update their Resident Recreation ID Card (Valid for 2 Years). If you're an established Non Resident family, please contact the Front Desk at BCC (303.464.5501) or PDRC (303.460.6901) to make sure your Recreation account is updated with your current address, phone and family members . If you have never registered with Broomfield Recreation, please come in to one of our facilities to establish an account with us. 

Step Two- Pay the 2017 Registration Fee Register Here

The Registration fee of $30.00 per participant will cover costs associated with each participant's Camp T -Shirt as well as sunscreen for all participants. (We will be using Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, and have samples available at our parents meeting for families.) To pay the 2017 Camp Explorer Registration Fee register all potential participants for the appropriate “2017 Camp Registration Fee” course (Resident or Non Resident) prior registration. Registration for the “2017 Camp Registration Fee” courses is currently open and may be completed after establishing your account. This registration may be completed online through eConnect, over the phone, or in person at the Broomfield Community Center, or the Paul Derda Recreation Center.

*Please note that by paying the 2017 Camp Registration Fee you are NOT guaranteed any space in the program. 

Camp Explorer 2017 Fees

All fees for 2017 Summer Camp Explorer Programming are broken down by day. Families have the ability to select as many or as few days as needed.
   Resident  Non Resident
Daily Fee (No Trip) $35 per day $40 per day
Trip Fee $50 per day $55 per day
Explorers (Quandary and Torreys) Trips held on Fridays 
Extreme Explorers (Crestone and Pikes) Trips held on Wednesdays and Fridays