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Trash Haulers
There are several private trash collection and disposal companies licensed to operate in the city and county.
See also Broomfield Recycling Center

Residential Service
 Allied Waste Systems       303-286-1200
 Alpine Waste & Recycling (apartments or multi-family complexes only)  303-744-9881      
 American Disposal Services  
 Rocky Mountain Roll-Off and Waste  303-478-4717
 Total Disposal, LLC  303-374-0234 
 Waste Connections of Colorado   303-288-2100
 Waste Management of Colorado - North Division         303-797-1600
 Western Disposal  303-444-2037

Commercial/Industrial Service
 Allied Waste Systems                                                 303-286-1200
 Alpine Waste & Recycling  303-744-9881
 American Disposal Services
 Curbside Roll-Off
 Elite Hauling Services
 Gator Rubbish Removal  303-655-0710
 Home Builders Services, Inc.  303-651-5715
 Mile-High Roll-Off Waste Systems  303-460-1001
 Rocky Mountain Roll-Off and Waste  303-478-4717
 Sam's Hauling                                           303-984-7200
 Waste Connections of Colorado                 303-288-2100
 Waste Management of Colorado - North Division  303-797-1600
 Western Disposal  303-444-2037

Roll Off Service 
 Alpine Waste & Recycling                                             303-744-9881
 American Disposal Services
 Benson & Benson Iron & Metal  303-650-6312
 Curbside Roll-Off  303-343-7096
 Elite Hauling Services dba Elite Roll-Off Services  303-287-7800
 Gator Rubbish Removal  303-655-0710
 Home Builders Services, Inc.  303-651-5715
 Mile-High Roll-Off Waste Systems  303-460-1001
 Rocky Mountain Roll-Off and Waste                            303-478-4717
 Sam's Hauling  303-984-7200
 Waste Connections of Colorado                                 303-288-2100

Other Services 
 Boulder/Broomfield Household Hazardous Waste               303-441-4800
 Broomfield Recycling Center  303-438-6334  
 Broomfield Waste Oil Collection Program  303-438-6336
 Eco-Cycle (recycling only)  303-444-6634

Area Landfills/Disposals
 B.F.I. Landfill - Golden                                                   303-279-2344  
 Front Range Landfill - Erie    303-440-9601
 RV Dump Station - Broomfield  303-438-6339

Unwanted Appliances Hauled Away 
303-430-7142 (fee charged)

Household Hazardous Waste

The City and County of Broomfield has an intergovernmental agreement with Boulder County to accept household hazardous waste from Broomfield residents at the Hazardous Materials Management Facility at NO CHARGE! The facility is located at 1901 63rd Street, Boulder, and is open on a regular basis year round. The Hazardous Materials Management Facility hotline 303-441-4800 is available for information. Proof of residency (driver's license, vehicle registration, voter identification, utility bill) is required when you drop off your wastes.

The program was developed to provide residents with an environmentally sound way to safely dispose of household hazardous waste. Each participant will be asked to provide the following information: name, address, phone, residency, summary of materials being brought to the facility, number of households the waste is from.

The facility will accept the full range of HHW products including auto, garden, and cleaning products.

Acceptable Items
  • antifreeze
  • household and car batteries
  • car cleaners and waxes
  • household drain cleaners degreasers & deodorizers
  • floor cleaners, laundry products & oven cleaners
  • rodent poison & moth balls
  • paint products and rust removers
  • weed killers, insecticides, flea powders
  • wood preservatives

Non-Acceptable Items
  • radioactive, explosive, or shock sensitive materials
  • infectious or medical waste
  • non-hazardous or unidentified materials