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Safety and Workers Compensation

The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees, volunteers and contractual persons.

blue heading icons_bandaid.pngIf you are injured on the job, please see below:

  • Link to First Report of Injury (required) - all injured employees must complete this form and give it to Human Resources within 24 hours of the accident. If the employee is unable to complete it, a supervisor must complete it, and have the employee complete his/her own when he/she is able.
  • Link to Choice of Provider Letter (required) - all injured employees MUST receive a copy of this so they understand they have two choices for care after a workplace injury.
  • Accident Investigation - for workers' compensation injuries only, please see the Risk Management page for non-workers' compensation reporting.

blue heading icons_reader.pngSafety Program Documents:
Broomfield Safety Policy
Broomfield Safety Procedures and Best Practices 
Workplace Safety and Security Policy

blue heading icons_people.pngSafety Committee -

Safety Committee Vision Statement

blue heading icons_trophycup.pngSafety Awareness Award (SAA) and Caught in the Act:

The Safety Awareness Award (SAA) is designed to promote safety awareness
and identify potential hazards in order to prevent accidents and injuries to employees and the general public. Employees may nominate themselves or other employees. The award will consist of a $50 net bonus and newsletter commendation. 
    Click here for more information on the Safety Awareness Award
    Click here to access the Safety Awareness Award Submission Form

Caught in the Act - If you catch a co-worker doing an exceptional job with safety, or going out of his/her way to use safety - let us know! The employee will receive a set of movie tickets and a commendation in the next employee newsletter. Email to nominate someone for this award.
blue heading icons_notes.pngRelated Policies:
Workers Compensation Policy and Procedures
Seat Belt Policy
Bloodborne Pathogens
Electronics Recycling and Surplus Disposition
PPE Guide
Driver Evaluation Form
Chemical Hygiene Plan
HHSD Exposure Control Plan
Hazard Analysis of Broomfield Environmental Services and Field Operations
Wastewater Confined Space Policy
Water Plant Confined Space Policy
Utilities Confined Space Policy

blue heading icons_laptop.pngResources:
IMA Training
IMA Safety On-Demand Videos
Loss and Hazard Alerts on CIRSA website
CIRSA Webinars
CIRSA Annual Training Catalog
Pinnacol Web Based Trainings and Webinars