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Neighborhood Watch
It's Not Just Crime Prevention Any More!

Neighborhood Watch CeremonyYou and your neighbors can learn to better protect yourself, your family, and your property. Neighborhood Watch is a community network that enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with public safety agencies to prepare for "all hazards" in their communities. 

It involves: 
  • Neighbors getting to know each other and working together;
  • Getting to know your neighbors' special skills (medical, technical);
  • Citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities;
  • Implementation of overall home safety crime prevention techniques;
  • Training in emergency preparedness, mitigation, and response to man-made or natural disasters.

Where do I start? 
  • Talk to your neighbors to get them interested;
  • Contact the Broomfield Police Department's Public Education Coordinator at 720.887.2084 to find out about a program for your area;
  • Enlist your neighbors' help;
  • Host an introductory meeting;
  • Identify a "Block Captain" with your neighbors.

How Do I Become a Block Captain?
A block captain is considered to be a Police Department volunteer.  You must complete a Block Captain Application form and pass a local background check conducted by the Broomfield Police Department.  Applciations should be returned to Public Education Coordinator Joleen Reefe.

Duties of a Block Captain:
  • Act as liaison between residents, Police, and the Public Education Coordinator;
  • Contact new neighbors and explain the program;
  • Encourage neighborhood participation in Home Security Surveys, Operation Identification, and Emergency Preparedness training;
  • Distribute Neighborhood Watch and other informational materials;
  • Encourage active participation.