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Real Life Stories on How Former Smokers Have Kicked the Habit

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Tony achieved his goal of quitting smoking and now has over six weeks behind him. He is finding that the patches work well for him. Tony mentioned that one trigger to smoke that he has to fight is being around other smokers at AA meetings. He keeps himself smoke-free by using techniques learned from his coach. Tony uses alternatives such as gum, hard candy, or chewing on toothpicks to overcome any difficulty.

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Breathing better now, at 65, Carmen is managing her new lifestyle using a plan developed with her quit coach. She is walking, cleaning, riding her stationary bike and keeping her hands busy. For occasional cravings Carmen just grabs a piece of nicotine gum when needed. Carmen tells other people to call because they do great things. Way to go!

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Tiffany found many benefits of quitting, such as better tasting food and more energy as a former smoker. Watch her short video on "Surprising Things About Quitting."  

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Your health is in your hands, and so is quitting your tobacco addiction. Your decision to quit could give your life a new direction for the better!