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Lowell Boulevard Project Updates
Lowell Blvd. Project Updates

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Please Note:  We have transitioned from the Lowell South project to the Lowell North project.  

The final design plans for Lowell Boulevard from East Midway to West 136th Avenue and the Tom Frost Reservoir parking lot plans were packaged together in early November and advertised to road and utility infrastructure contractors for competitive bidding. Six bids were received on December 1. A recommendation of award to Concrete Works of Colorado will be brought to Council in late January.

Lowell North



The Lowell North construction is anticipated to kick off in late January.  The road construction will progress in multiple phases through the entire 2017 construction season and into early 2018, with all road work completed by May 2018.  The landscaping activity will continue on until June 2018.  To allow for safe construction of the project elements, traffic will be shifted multiple times during the project along the one mile of Lowell Boulevard between East Midway Boulevard and West 136th Avenue.

Lowell North Project

Lowell North Project Description

The overall vision concept and need for the project was set by Council in the 2006 Internal Transportation Improvement Program plan. The 2006 project vision concept sketch and major project elements are shown above.

In 2008, a detailed scoping study and preliminary plan consistent with the 2006 concept was completed and contains these major project elements for Lowell Boulevard:

• Construct a two-lane arterial roadway section with bike lanes and center    raised landscaped median;
• Provide dedicated turn lanes at the intersections where warranted;
• Complete all missing curb, gutter and sidewalk;
• Landscape the east side of road between curb and sidewalk;
• Landscape the west side of the road along the Open Space with less    
  formal native materials
• Bury any existing overhead utilities;
• Install stand-alone streetlights; and
• Install pedestrian level lights adjacent to Open Space.

In May 2011, the 2008 scoping plan was reevaluated based upon 2010 traffic data counts for each of the five signalized intersections within the project limit. Based upon this new data, adjustments were made to the forecasted traffic on Lowell to the year 2035. The analysis showed traffic would perform at optimum capacity or better through year 2035 except for the intersection at West 136th Avenue. Because of this analysis, the following improvement was added to the project scope:

Addition of a second southbound through lane starting 1,000 feet north of West 136th Avenue and extending past the West Metro Fire Station south of West 136th Avenue.

The addition of a second southbound lane, as shown below, will improve the north and south operation of Lowell at West 136th Avenue through the 2035 design horizon.

In February 2014, Council reviewed this project scope and awarded a consulting agreement to Merrick Engineering for final design and to prepare construction documents and plans for bidding.  
Lowell Blvd. North Project Map  

Click to view Concept Plans:
** These files are large and may take a while to load.  If the files do not open, try a different browser.

Midway to PDRC South Entrance

PDRC South Entrance to Rabbit Mtn Rd/Trails Ave

Rabbit Mtn Rd/Trails Ave to W 136th Ave
 Lowell Through Lanes at 136th

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