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B Healthy Broomfield
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Broomfield is committed to promoting and strengthening a healthy community. From classes on healthy eating and aging well to fitness events, Broomfield encourages you to make One Small Change to lead to a healthier you! 

blue heading icons_heartbeat.png Ten Small Changes to a Healthier You ..........................................................

Drink More Water
    • Switch out one sugary drink for a glass of water - it's a healthier option and can aid in weight loss! Adding a lime or lemon to your water can help add flavor without adding tons of sugar! More water drinking tips can be found here.

Get Active

Quit for Good
    • Be tobacco free! Find a step-by-step quit guide at SmokeFree.gov or call the Tobacco QuitLine at 1.800.QUIT.NOW.

Just Relax

Explore the Trails

Put Your Chef Hat On
    • Planning meals at home is a great place to start improving your food choices. Try out these healthy recipes.

Escape for a Moment
  • Nothing beats curling up with a good book on a winter night! Reading helps with mental stimulation, stress reduction, and memory improvement. Checkout a book today at The Broomfield Library

Get Movin'
  • The average adult should engage in 60-minutes of physical activity each day. Get outside and get movin' by visiting a Broomfield Park.

Catch more Zzzz's
    • Avoid the snooze button by avoiding large meals, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco before bedtime. Happy dreaming! 


Adult Softball - Registration deadline August 12
Adult Softball - Registration deadline August 12