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Peace Officers Money Purchase Plan
Money Purchase Plan for Peace Officers (Sworn Employees)

The purpose of this plan and trust is to provide funds for retirement of the employees covered by this plan, and to provide funds for their beneficiaries in the event of death. 

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Investment Advice

Kristi Sullivan, Certified Financial Planner with Strategies LLC is available to employees enrolled in this plan for investment advice. Kristi is typically on-site once a month for thirty-minute appointments or can be contacted on a individual basis, please see her information below:

Kristi Sullivan

View the Partnership announcement with Strategies by clicking here.

 Website Access:

The plan is currently administered by Great West.The Peace Officer Money Purchase Plan number is 95265-02. Click here for instructions on how to access your Great West account online to:
    - View your account balance
    - Update or change your beneficiary information
    - Change your investment elections
    - Change your deferral percentage

Update Beneficiary Information Today! Click here to find out how.

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Contact Information for current pension committee members:

A pension committee consisting of five members is responsible for administering the plan. The members of the pension committee are as follows: 

    a. The city manager or his or her designee,

    b. The director of human resources or his or her designee, and

    c. Three employee members, who shall be elected by majority vote by the active employees for three-year terms to commence on January 1, provided that, in order that the terms be staggered, the initial term of the employee member who receives the fewest votes shall be one year, and the initial term of the employee member who receives the second fewest votes shall be two years.

The pension committee is responsible for the following: 

     a. To review the responsiveness and performance of the trustee and make recommendations to the employer;

    b. To review such reports and statements as may be prepared in connection with the plan;

    c. To make recommendations to the employer regarding:

    1. Selection of a trustee, 
    2. Employment of actuaries, accountants, and other professionals in connection with the plan, 
    3. Investment options to be offered, and 
    4. Amendment to or termination of the plan.

Current Board Meeting Agenda: 

December 10, 2014  || Strategies Investment and Plan Review 12/10/2014

Past Board Meeting Minutes and Documents -  

August 21, 2014  ||  Strategies Investment and Plan Review 8/21/2014  ||  Strategies Q2 Performance Report  || Q2 Mutual Fund Performance  ||  Wells Fargo Q2 Review  

 April 28, 2014   || Strategies Investment and Plan Review 4/28/2014

January 22, 2014  ||  Strategies Investment and Plan Review 1/22/2014 

November 20, 2013  ||  Strategies Investment and Plan Review 11/20/2013 ||  Q3 Performance  ||  Q3 Wells Fargo MPP Report

October 2, 2013   ||  Strategies Assessment and Recommendations 10-2-2013  

August, 20, 2013  ||  Q2 Performance ||  Q2 Compliance Report ||  Q2 Summary Report  ||  Strategies Report 

May 13, 2013   ||   Q1 Compliance Report  ||  Q1 Summary || Diversification Report  

February 5, 2013  ||  September 13, 2012  ||  June 19, 2012  Click here for the document referenced in these minutes  ||  May 17, 2012  ||  March 13, 2012  ||  February 8, 2012

Money Purchase Plan for Peace Officers - Municipal Code  

Private Letter Ruling - Disability Offset

Ordinance No. 1967 - amends the Money Purchase Plan for Peace Officers to add an optional provision from the Pension Protection Act. The optional provision allows disabled or retired peace officers the ability to have up to $3,000 distributed tax-free annually from the money purchase plan in order to pay for insurance premiums for an accident or health plan or a qualified long-term care insurance contract.  Wells Fargo will administer the distribution process in compliance with the Pension Protection Act.

Investment Policy

Social Security Administration - Windfall Protection Act http://www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10045.html