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Sewer Rates
Effective February 01, 2017

Charges for sewer service are calculated based on one of the following methods:
  • $3.21 per thousand gallons x Average Winter Consumption (AWC)
  • $12.84 x Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU)
(whichever quantity is greater**)

  • All new accounts are charged a flat, monthly rate of $19.26 per ERU (min ERU of 1) until a winter average is established for that account.
  • The minimum charge for any account is $12.84.

Sewer charges are updated annually and become fixed until the winter averages are re-evaluated at the end of March.  The new rate will appear on your utility statement beginning in April.

**Please be advised that standard rounding methods are used during these calculations, so the actual values may vary slightly.  For more detailed information on your specific account(s), please contact the Utility Billing office at 303.438.6319 or

Once the sewer license has been purchased, minimum charges for sewer are billed monthly, at a rate of $12.84 per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU), until permanent service is established.  

(Broomfield Municipal Code: 13-08-080)

Water usage is analyzed from four monthly bills between November 1 and March 31 (typically Nov-Feb or Dec-Mar, depending on your billing cycle).  We calculate the average usage across those four months, which then becomes your AWC.   

This value is based on a comparison to the demand of a single-family residence (approximately 116,800 gallons of sewage per year).  The standard ERU is 1, and then varies according to the predicted usage once construction is complete.  The ERU is determined at the time that water and sewer licenses are purchased.  Multi-unit, residential buildings are usually assigned 1 ERU for each dwelling unit.