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Open Space and Trails

Open space areas damaged by September 2013 flooding...

Mission Statement
The mission of the Open Space and Trails Division is to acquire open space and create a comprehensive trail system that allows for the enjoyment of the outdoors and promotes a healthy environment for people, nature and community.

Denver Metro Area Coyote Behavior Study

December 2013 - Over the past two years, Broomfield has been a participant in the Denver Metro Area Coyote Behavior Study, led by Researcher Stewart Breck (USDA-National Wildlife Research Center). Previously, this study has involved the collaring of coyotes in Broomfield and other metro areas with GPS tracking devices to better understand the movements, behaviors, and territories of coyotes. This month, researchers will be moving into another phase of the study to review community-based hazing of coyotes and how it may alter coyote behavior. Read more...

Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee (OSTAC)
The Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee is made up of seven citizen members at large (appointed by city council), one ex officio, non-voting council member and one ex officio alternate. The OSTAC advises the city council on amendments to the open space element of the master plan. The committee is charged with the responsibility of making recommendations to the city council regarding:

  • The acquisition of open space parcels
  • The location, type and timing of trail segments and crossings
  • The long-range plan for open space use and management


Suggestions for Open Space and Trails
The Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee would like your comments on open space needs and strategies as well as any trail connects that are needed in the city. Please email your comments to Open Space and Trails.

Trails Map Available
Trails MapAn updated Broomfield Trails Map is available in printed form! This 32 inch by 27 inch color map has all of the latest trail information along with a panorama of the Front Range with mountain names, information on Broomfield's major open spaces, living with wildlife tips and trail use and bicycle safety tips, all in one source.

Pick one up on your next visit to the City and County Building at 1 DesCombes Drive. You can also request that one be mailed to you by calling 303.464.5803 or emailing Open Space. Be sure to provide your name and mailing address. 

You may also view the map online. It is in a PDF format that allows for zooming in for a closer look at various areas of the map.

Would you like to be a volunteer for the open space and trails program for the benefit of the community? Joining an Adopt-a-Trail or Adopt-an-Open Space Site is just one way your energy can help the community!