Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Proper Disposal
Broomfield residents have two options for disposal of HHW. First, the City and County of Broomfield typically hosts two one-day drop-off events each year—one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • Electronic waste will also be accepted during this event. Please note that there is a 3-item limit on electronics. For example, 2 TVs and 1 computer would be the max for one household. Corded appliances, such as microwaves and vacuum cleaners, go in the regular trash or to a scrap metal facility. Please visit the list of acceptable electronic items. There are no remaining appointments. Eco-Cycle/City of Boulder CHaRM recycles electronics. Fees may be charged. 
If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact Broomfield staff Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm:
Dave Jackson, Environmental Coordinator, at 303-438-6329, or email him,

Tips to help reduce the amount of HHW generated:

READ LABELS: Read and follow directions carefully!

THINK SMALL: Use the correct amount of product recommended. For example, with pesticide use, twice as much is not twice as effective and may be twice as toxic!

NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVES: Purchase the least toxic product available. Danger, Caution, Warning, Harmful, Poison, Toxic, Corrosive, Volatile, Flammable, Inflammable, Combustible or Explosive—these words should alert you to the hazardous nature of the product. Choose water-based products over solvent-based ones. Avoid aerosols if you can. Avoid products containing chlorinated compounds, petroleum distillates, phenols and formaldehyde.

STORE PROPERLY: Always store products in their original containers with labels. Store unsafe products away from small children and pets.

DON’T MIX: Some household products, when mixed, can form dangerous fumes or may become explosive. Never mix anything with products containing chlorine or ammonia.

PLAN AHEAD: Buy only what you need to avoid or minimize waste. Don’t be tempted to buy a gallon if you only need a cup. Think about how you are going to dispose of any materials you have left over. Give leftover products to a responsible neighbor or friend who can use it up rather than throwing it out.