Energy Conservation for Businesses

LightbulbXcel Energy Launches Energy Efficiency Programs

In January 2012, Xcel Energy launched new business and residential energy efficiency programs. Many programs remain the same; however, some have changed. Xcel is increasing its efforts to work with trade partners, retailers, and equipment manufacturers. Visit Xcel's website for more information.

For business customers, Xcel is also including evaporative cooling measures as part of the cooling efficiency program and combining the boiler efficiency and furnace products to create one heating efficiency program. The recommissioning program is improved to include more savings opportunities within the building shell.

Businesses, Buildings, and Plants All Reap the Benefits of Energy Assessments

Improving the energy performance of buildings and plants requires managing energy strategically across the entire organization. EPA provides strategies, tools, professional assistance, and recognition opportunities to help you meet your goals and contribute to ENERGY STAR™s nationwide challenge to improve the energy efficiency of facilities by 10 percent or more! The Energy Star Target Finder can help set realistic energy performance goals for your business, building or plant.