Special Assignments

Officers can express interest in, and test for, special assignments within the police department. Some assignments hold a term of two to three years, while others are considered "core" which means the officers can work the assignment indefinitely. Working on a special team enhances the officer's career and expands his or her expertise. Each assignment offers new challenges, and each officer brings individual skills and ideas to the team. 

Emergency Response Team

The Broomfield Detention Center Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a specially equipped and trained team designed to respond to situations that may require additional manpower, equipment, skills or teamwork outside of the regular resources and training of line officers. The team is available to handle critical incidents at the detention center, conduct high-risk transports or extraditions, deliver support to the Mobile Field Force, and provide hospital or courtroom security. ERT

Honor Guard 

The first event for the Broomfield Police Department Honor Guard was the 2001 Broomfield Days Parade. Today, the honor guard has 11 members and continues to participate in many special events including the Memorial and Veteran's Day celebrations, the 9/11 memorial, retirements, funerals, sporting events, etc. If you would like to request an appearance of the honor guard at your local event, please complete the Honor Guard Request Form and return it to the Broomfield Police Department located at 7 DesCombes Drive in Broomfield.  


K-9 Unit

The Broomfield Police Department K-9 Unit was started in September 2000. The K-9 Unit is a specialized Unit assigned to assist the Patrol Division. The Unit is currently overseen by Sgt. Jason Collins. Each K-9 handler is assigned a K-9 partner that lives and works with them full-time. All of the K-9 teams have been trained and certified in narcotics detection, tracking, and criminal apprehension. Along with patrol duties, the unit also participates in several community programs. 


Public Information Officers

The Broomfield Police Department utilizes a team of public information officers to help disseminate information during critical incidents. The team is responsible for meeting with the press, addressing any inquires from the media, and serving as the voice of the department. The PIO team is comprised of the following:

  • Rachel Haslett - Lead PIO
  • Sgt. Todd Dahlbach - Assisting PIO
  • Sgt. Vince Lopez - Assisting PIO
  • Communications Specialist Jennifer McIntyre - Assisting PIO
  • Detective Jennifer King-Sullivan - Assisting PIO
  • Administrative Technician Tiffany Week - Assisting PIO
  • The on-call PIO can be reached through the Communications Center (dispatch) at 303.438.6400.

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The Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) was created in May 2001. It currently consists of 18 officers, three team leaders, and two commanders. A negotiation commander, team leader, and six negotiators were added to the team in November 2002 (CNT-Crisis Negotiations Team).

The SWAT Team is trained and equipped to respond to critical incidents and other high-risk situations. These incidents can range from extricating a barricaded suspect from a building, to responding to an active shooter that requires immediate and rapid deployment of manpower. The team currently trains a minimum of two, 10 hour days per month.  

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