Arrest & Informational Reports

Redacting Personal Information, Information for the Victim after an Arrest, and How to Get Copies of Reports

To get a copy of your crime, accident, or incident report, call the Records Unit 303-438-6420 or come to the Broomfield Police Department. Allow at least 24 hours for reports to be forwarded to the Records Unit. In some cases, reports may require up to 72 hours to be released. There may be a fee for these copies. If you are a victim of a crime with constitutional rights, you have the right to a free copy of the initial crime report.

Occasionally, state laws restrict release of certain types of crime reports. Call the Records Unit 303-438-6420 to find out details about the release of your crime report.

If your crime is listed as one with constitutional rights, you have the right to have your social security number excluded or redacted from a criminal justice document or record created or compiled as a result of a criminal investigation when the document or record is released to anyone other than the victim, the defense attorney of record, the defense attorney’s agent, or a criminal justice agency.

If there has been an arrest in your case, you can get information about the crime with which the defendant has been charged, bond information (the conditions under which the defendant can be released), and the next court date, by calling the Seventeenth Judicial District Attorney’s Victim/Witness Unit or the Broomfield Combined Courts (District/County/Municipal [City] Courts) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If the suspect is still in jail, call the Broomfield Detention Center at 720-887-2000.

Seventeenth Judicial District

Victim/Witness (Broomfield) 720-887-2199

Victim/Witness (Brighton) 303-659-7735

Broomfield Combined Courts

County/District/Municipal (City) 720-887-2100