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Effective March 29, 2016 the City and County of Broomfield will no longer off the payroll deduction Roth IRA through ICMA-RC. Automatic payroll deductions will end on March 16, 2016. Participants currently enrolled in this plan have multiple options regarding what they can do with their Roth IRA assets at ICMA-RC. Before you decide, please review the Options and Considerations below and consult professional counsel as needed.


  • Leave your IRA assets with ICMA-RC, but stop contributing. 
  • Leave your IRA assets with ICMA-RC and continue contributing by using either the Automatic Investment Program (AIP) or by sending a contribution check directly to Vantagepoint Transfer Agents. ICMA-RC will send you additional information on how you can contribute to your IRA in the coming days.

            Note: If you choose to leave your assets with ICMA-RC, please note that your 
            IRA plan number will change to 705001 effective March 29, 2016. To get 
            answers to your questions, you can contact ICMA-RC’s Investor Services Team 
            using one of the “Contact Us” options at, or by calling 

  • Stop contributing to a Roth IRA and contribute more to your 457. The 457 Plan committee has benchmarked fees and services offerings for the 457 Plan and has narrowed investment options to best-in-class for you. Although you do not currently have the option to make after-tax contributions (Roth), pre-tax contributions can also offer tax advantages. Full-Time Employees enrolled in the Money Purchase Plan also have the option to contribute more to that plan on an After-Tax basis. 
  • Open a new Roth IRA account at any broker/dealer and make contributions to that account instead. You may want to rollover your Roth IRA assets at ICMA-RC to a new account. 
  • Rollover your IRA asset to an existing Roth IRA account, if you already have an existing Roth IRA account with another service provider. 
  • Cash out your Roth IRA with ICMA-RC. Note: taxes and penalties may apply.


  • Compare fees for all options.
    • Both employer-sponsored plans and IRAs charge investment and administrative expenses.
    • Compare the fees you pay for your 457, your Roth IRA at ICMA-RC and fees you would pay if you move assets to a broker/dealer.
    • Financial professionals may encourage you to roll your assets into an IRA because they might earn commissions or other fees as a result.
    • Financial firms may advertise free or low-cost rollovers. Even if there are no costs associated with the rollover itself, companies will often charge fees for account administration, investment management or both. Examine the fees associated with each investment option, and compare them to the fund expenses you currently pay. 
  • Compare investment choices.
    • The investment advisor and plan committee for the 457 Plan have narrowed your choices to best-in-class options at competitive costs. An IRA often enables you to select from a broader range of investment options, but might not offer the same options your 457 plan does at the same fee rate. 
  • Weigh service offerings for each option.
    • Some employer plans also provide access to investment advice, planning tools, telephone help lines, educational materials, webinars, workshops and one-on-one meetings. Similarly, IRA providers offer different levels of service, which may include full brokerage service, investment advice and distribution planning. Consider the service offerings for each option. 
  • Consider the tax implications for each option.
    • If you cash out your IRA, you may be hit with a tax burden and early withdrawal penalty.
    • You may want to consult with an independent tax expert about the tax implications of all options.
Before investing, read the prospectus for each investment option and carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any discussion of taxes is for general informational purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice. Participants should confer with their qualified legal, tax, accounting and investment advisors as appropriate.
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Accessing Your Account

Participants are able to make fund and allocation changes online as well as update their information and beneficiaries. Click here for information on how to access your online Roth IRA account information. You can also call ICMA-RC at 1.800.669.7400 for assistance.