Crimes Against Property Unit

The Crimes Against Property Unit investigates motor vehicle theft, burglary, larceny, robbery and vandalism among others.

Burglary Damage   Property crimes are high-volume crimes. 
  They can range from lower level offenses
  such as shoplifting or vandalism to high-
  level felonies to include armed robbery. 
  Some such crimes don't require the 
  offender to make off with stolen goods or
  harm a victim. Burglary, for example,  
  only requires unlawful entry with the
  intent to commit a crime. Most property
  crimes include a spectrum of degrees 
  depending on factors including the amount
stolen and use of force in theft related cases. Below you'll find additional information on the non-profits, organizations and groups BPD Detectives belong to and/or work with.

Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority

The mission of CATPA is to deter and reduce motor vehicle theft and insurance fraud through a statewide cooperative effort of of generating funds to support law enforcement, prosecution and public awareness through a partnership between industry and state government. To learn more about CATPA click here.

Colorado Auto Theft Investigators 

Currently Broomfield Police Detective Jennifer King-Sullivan is the Vice President of Colorado Auto Theft Investigators (CATI). The non-profit works to unite the public, law enforcement, and insurance industry investigators who are concerned with the prevention and investigation of motor vehicle thefts and kindred crimes. In addition CATI promotes the exchange of investigative information to create a forum for better communication among investigators in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Region, and the nation. To learn more about CATI click here.

Colorado Crime Analysis Association  

Founded in 1982 the CCAA is an avenue for local law enforcement personnel to share information and ideas in an effort to better the community. The Association's membership has since grown to over 60 members and more than 40 organizations and departments. The non-profit now includes personnel from private companies who share the same crime analysis goals as law enforcement personnel. To learn more about the CCAA click here.

To report a crime please contact the Broomfield Police Department Communications Center at 303.438.6400 or call 911 if it's an emergency.