Assessment Reports

2020 Deadline Extensions Due to COVID-19
The State of Colorado extended deadlines in several statutes. The August 25 Certification of Value's deadline was moved to October 13. An official Certification of Values Letter will be sent on October 13. Along with this extension, the commercial personal property protest and Board of Equalization (BOE) Appeal deadlines were extended into August and September.
The August 2020 Authority Abstract report is VERY Preliminary and was created as a courtesy for the taxing authorities. This report is not final but will provide a current gross assessed value of each authority with a breakdown by property classification.

August 2020 Authority Abstracts-ALL

Abstracts list the assessed value and mill levies for taxes. The year of the report indicates the year the taxes were collected.
2019 Abstract of Assessment for Taxes Collected in 2020 

Abstracts for Prior Years

Certification of Valuation letters are sent to the taxing authorities twice a year, August 25 and late November. The authorities use these values for setting the next year's budget. The Authority Abstract lists each authorities value by property classification.

December 2019 Certification Letters-ALL AUTHORITIES

December 2019 Authority Abstracts-ALL (lists values for each authority by classification)

August 2019 Certification Letters-ALL AUTHORITIES

August 2019 Authority Abstracts-ALL

December 2018 Re-Certification Letters

December 2018 Authority Abstracts-ALL

August 2018 Certification Letters-All Authorities

August 2018 Authority Abstracts-ALL


The following report lists each tax authority and their mill levy by tax area. A property located in a tax area is taxed by that area's total net mill levy.

Mill Levies by Tax Area/District Report(updated 1/3/2020)