Liquor Licensing

Broomfield Municipal Code - Chapter 5-28 Alcoholic Liquor and
Broomfield Municipal Code - Chapter 5-32 Fermented Malt Beverages (3.2% Beer)
Colorado Liquor Laws, Rules and Regulations


  •  Effective November 1, 2019, the City and County of Broomfield has a new fingerprinting process for liquor and beer licenses. 
  •  The City and County of Broomfield Police Department will no longer be offering employee alcohol trainings. Broomfield will accept any State approved Responsible Vendors Training.
Licensing Process
Liquor licensing is regulated by the State of Colorado.  All applications are first submitted to the City Clerk's office for review and, as necessary, scheduled to be heard by the Local Licensing Authority.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide an accurate and complete application packet.  Applicants are encouraged to use the Checklist of Required Documents attached to the various State application forms to ensure that all needed information is included prior to submittal to the City Clerk.

Contact the City Clerk's office at 303-438-6332 for information about the licensing process, or send an email to the City Clerk.  The Clerk's office is located at One DesCombes Drive, Broomfield, CO  80020.


The State Liquor Enforcement Division will send a Renewal application to the business address on record no later than 60 days prior to expiration.  The Renewal application must be returned to the City Clerk's office, along with applicable fees, no later than 45 days prior to expiration.  Late renewal applications are subject to an additional $500 fee payable to the City & County of Broomfield and $500 fee payable to the State of Colorado.  Renewal applications filed more than 90 days past expiration will not be accepted and a new liquor license application will need to be submitted.

New License

An application for a new liquor license takes approximately three months to process, therefore it is recommended that applications be filed in a timely manner to avoid delays to projected opening dates.  A new license requires that the applicant demonstrate the needs and desires of the surrounding neighborhood, the results of which will be presented at a Public Hearing before the Local Licensing Authority.  The moral character of the applicant(s) will be considered by both the LLA and the State Liquor Enforcement Division.  All businesses must be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office and authorized to do business in Colorado.  A Broomfield sales tax license is also required.  

Liquor Licensing Authority 

The Local Licensing Authority shall have and is vested with the authority to grant or to refuse for cause licenses for the sale at retail of malt, vinous or spirituous liquors or fermented malt beverages; to conduct investigations; and to suspend or revoke such licenses for cause. The Authority hears appeals related to denial or revocation of solicitor licenses, ambulance licenses, and food establishment licenses. 

Meeting Information:

  • 5:30 p.m.
  • First Wednesday of the month
  • George Di Ciero City and County Building, Council Chambers, Broomfield, CO 80020
*Please Note: There is no meeting in January 2020. 

Click here to view agendas. 

Click here for the Local Licensing Authority Rules of Procedure.

 Liquor Licensing Applications and Forms

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