Modification of Premises

Re: Modification of Premises

Listed below is the link to the Colorado Department of Revenue Form 8442, Permit Application and Report of Changes. Please complete Section 7 of this form and return it to the City Clerk’s office along with the following information. In addition, Broomfield requires that a Control Plan be submitted with the application. The Plan should identify how alcohol will be controlled on the premises, including but not limited to information regarding locked alcohol storage, signage, and training of employees.

1) Permit Application and Report of Changes - DR 8442
2) Diagram of the premises as it currently looks and a diagram showing the proposed changes;
3) Permission letter from the landlord approving the changes; and/or premise possession documentation, if expanding the premises
4) Control plan; and
5) Approval from the Broomfield Building Department.


Payable to Colorado Department of Revenue             $150.00 (each change)
(temporary expansion & reduction back to original = $300.00)

Payable to City and County of Broomfield            $150.00

The Local Licensing Authority (LLA) meets the first Wednesday of every month. Completed packets from Applicants are due on Monday three weeks prior to the meeting. Click here for LLA application deadlines and meeting dates.
The Modification of Premises packet must be submitted in duplicate. All documents must be printed single-sided on standard 8.5x11 white paper. If any copies need to be made, a fee of 10 cents per page will be charged. After receipt of the application and after Staff review, a date will be set to present the application before the LLA. After the presentation, the LLA will make a decision to approve or deny the Modification of Premises. If approved, the application is then forwarded to the State Liquor Division for its approval.

If you have any questions regarding the process or need further information, please call the City Clerk's office at 303-438-6332, or email to The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division phone number is 303-205-2300. State of Colorado, Department of Revenue Liquor and Beer Code and Regulations Books are available for purchase by contacting State Central Stores at 303-321-4161. You can also contact the State’s Liquor Division on the State’s Liquor Division on the State’s web site at