Change of Trade Name

Re: Change of Trade Name

Listed below is the state link to the Permit Application & Report of Changes - DR 8442. This application is necessary to report a change in trade name.

You will need to attach a current Certificate of Good Standing and a Statement of Trade Name of a Reporting Entity, both from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

1) Permit Application and Report of Changes - DR 8442

Fees for a Change of Trade Name are as follows:

Payable to Colorado Department of Revenue:     $50.00 

Local Fee: None

Click here for LLA application deadlines and meeting dates.

If you have any questions or need further information, please email or call the city clerk at 303-438-6332. The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division phone number is 303-205-2300. State of Colorado, Department of Revenue Liquor and Beer Code and Regulations Books are available for purchase by contacting State Central Stores at 303-321-4161. You can also contact the State’s Liquor Division on the State’s web site at