Workers' Compensation 

The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees, volunteers and contractual persons.

If you are injured on the job:

Leave Policies

Family and Medical Leave

In an effort to provide employees with a convenient one-stop-shop approach and ensure a higher degree of confidentiality with medical certifications, HR has partnered with The Hartford to help CCOB employees navigate FMLA leave and disability accommodation requests beginning Sept. 1, 2023.

The Hartford currently administers CCOB’s Short Term Disability as well, so by combining these services under one carrier employees will only have to submit one application and one medical certification. 

If you need to apply for Family and Medical Leave, please contact The Hartford.  You may initiate your FMLA request with The Hartford online or by phone call to The Hartford.  Please click here to view the FMLA instructions from The Hartford. 

If you also need to apply for Short Term Disability, The Hartford can help you at the same time.  Click here for more information about Short Term Disability.

The Hartford will notify Human Resources when a leave request is initiated.  It is no longer necessary for employees to submit a Leave Request for Family or Medical Leave form to Human Resources. 

HR is available to meet with employees to explain the leave and disability benefits in addition to providing assistance in navigating the application process with The Hartford.  Please submit a Support Services ticket if you would like assistance or have any questions.  There are several ways you can submit a ticket: 

  1. Go directly to the Internal Services Portal
  2. Use the link within the Launcher panel on the BEACH
  3. Use the link within the "CCOB Bookmarks" folder within Google Chrome
  4. Send an email to, which will create a ticket in the system

FMLA General Notice for Employees

Return to Work

Additional Forms and Information

  • Leave Without Pay Requests - The employee's supervisor or manager should submit a Support Services ticket to Human Resources if Leave Without Pay has been approved by the department head.   Please include the employee name, dates approved, hours to be granted and a copy of the email or other approval from the department head.
  • Leave Donation Request Form
  • Request for Domestic Abuse Leave form

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