History of the BPD

The Broomfield Police Department was formed in the 1950s to provide security in the construction and residential areas of what was then called Broomfield Heights. The first police officers, special deputies of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department, were paid through the Sheriff’s Department and contributions solicited from residents in the community.
1950s Patch This shoulder emblem was worn by the first "special deputies" of the Police Department.
The Manor Motel has been one of Broomfield's landmark buildings since it was built in the 1950s.
Manor Motel 1950s
The first documented vehicle accident in the City of Broomfield took place at the corner of Agate and Emerald streets.
1st Accident
1st Accident
Broomfield's early police officers were Leonard Bishop and Ed McCarthy. This photo was taken in August of 1956.
Officers Bishop and McCarthy

The first tree planting in Midway Park at Midway Boulevard and Laurel Street began Broomfield's parkland legacy.
Midway Park Construction
The opening of the First Filing in Broomfield was the start of our community. Here construction crews work to save a big tree.
1st Filing Construction

The construction of Emerald Elementary School underway at 755 West Elmhurst Place.
Emerald Elementary School
The Empire Savings and Loan building, also a Broomfield landmark, is pictured here in 1956. Notice the "Broomfield Heights" name. This building is now the Commercial Federal Bank, a successor to Empire Savings, at 1 Garden Center.
Empire Savings
Police Officer Leonard Bishop later became Broomfield's Police Chief, and served on the City Council.
Officer Bishop

The original "Retail Center" sign was located in the heart of downtown Broomfield.
Broomfield Heights Sign