Broomfield Veteran Service Office

Broomfield's Veteran Service Office provides free assistance for veterans and their families in filing for any VA benefits. We can assist you in several ways:

  • Getting a copy of your DD-214 and/or service records.
  • Assist in the gathering of evidence, preparation and submission of claims for benefits.
  • Assist in filing Appeals for denied claims for benefits.

For assistance and questions about VA benefits call us at 720.887.2263.

  1. Disability Compensation
  2. Education Benefits
  3.  VA Pension 
  4. Aid & Attendance
  5. VA Health Care

Broomfield Veteran ServicesDisability Compensation  

Veterans can file for a current disability that is related to their time in service. 

There are generally four types:

  • Direct service connection: the disability is directly related to the veteran's service. 
  • Presumptive service connection: the veteran is "presumed" to have been exposed to some event or condition that is related to their current disability.
  • Secondary service connection: A veteran has a disability that is in some way related to or caused by a current service-connected disability.
  • Aggravation: a veteran has a condition that existed prior to service, but this condition was aggravated and became worse due to service.

Review Eligibility Requirements here.

For additional information about VA disability compensation: VA Disability Compensation Page