Youth Athletics

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Youth Athletics Staff
Program Manager
Robin Garneau

Recreation Supervisor - Gymnastics
Diane Clark

Recreation Supervisor
Angela Delier

Recreation Coordinator
James VandeHoef

Recreation Coordinator Hannah Tuomi
Recreation Specialist Vickie Rodriguez
Recreation Specialist - Gymnastics Becky Saad

Sign Up

Participants may sign up for most of our programs online.


Here you can find directions to:

A Note to Parents Concerning Registration

Youth sports programs will take registrations until the program is full. This may happen before the price change. If your child is interested in playing or you are interested in your child playing please register early.

Coaches Needed

We rely on volunteers to coach the youth sports programs. We will train you on the basics of coaching and teach you the basic skills the children should be taught. All it takes is a willingness and interest in helping children. For information on all youth sports, call Vickie at 303.464.5522, Angela at 303.464.5542, Hannah at 303.464.5510 or James at 303.464.5546
For information on coaching all youth sports please visit our coaching webpage.