Youth Lacrosse

Youth Lacrosse: Skills and Drills

This program provides an opportunity for both beginning and experienced participants to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. Instructors/coaches will focus on the development of stick handling, passing, shooting, basic strategies, and team play. For more information contact James at 303.464.5546
Age: 7–14 years Location: County Commons
Code R/NR Day Time Date

78075 $65/$85 TTh 5:30–7 pm Jul 6–Aug 3
*No Skills and Drills Jul 4, Aug 1

Lacrosse: Fall 2017

This fall program plays in the CARA Lacrosse league. This is a Saturday game program with 1-2 practices during the week starting the week of August 21.  Approved lacrosse helmet, stick, arm pads, shoulder pads, gloves and mouth guard must be worn for the league. Teams will practice the first two weeks, then play games against other CARA teams. Game time and locations TBD. Some travel is required. Team Jersey is provided. 
Age determined as of 9/1/2017. 
Resident Registration began Jun 28, 2017
Non-Resident Registration begins Jul 26, 2017 
Code R/NR Fee Dates     Age
80846 $81/$101 Sep 9–Oct 21 6-8
80847 $81/$101 Sep 9–Oct 21 8-10
80848 $81/$101 Sep 9–Oct 21 10-12
80849 $81/$101 Sep 9–Oct 21 12-13