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Broomfield's choice winner
Ostrich Running

Dale Montagne
Ostrich Running
Artist Dale Montagne

"A creative personality evolved through specialized training and practical application driven by an insatiable desire to explore. Montagne has attended such professional institutions as Pilchuck International Glass School, Anderson Ranch Art School in Aspen (scholarship), Gemological Institute and a number of others in a process of continuing education related to art. “I try to manifest creations through a sense of balance, color, light and a sense of motion.”
Recently I have been enjoying the joys of kinetic art. Through the use of special art and high-tech glass, I create subtle kinetics through the interactions with light-‘kinetic light’. The wide variety of sizes and materials is evident in his works of art. Some of the images are created through a mutual synthesis of his clients’ suggestions and desires manifested through his style and creativity."
~Dale Montagne

The Public Art Committee would like to thank the artists and participants for making this program a success.

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