Learning Online

Udemy provides access to over 7,000 video-based courses in business, technology, software, and personal development. There are also thousands of courses taught by instructors in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.
Please note: Users will need a Google or Microsoft account to access Udemy.

Gale Courses consists of more than 2,100 top colleges, universities, and other organizations. We offer you hundreds of engaging online courses, covering every topic from Accounting to Web Design. Each course comes equipped with a patient and caring instructor, lively discussions with your fellow students, and plenty of practical information that you can put to immediate use.

How do I enroll in a Gale course?

  • Once on the Gale Courses site, find courses by browsing through the categories on the left of your screen or by using the search bar. 
  • Click Enroll Now next to the course of your choice.
  • Select your course start date and click Continue enrollment.
  • Create a free Gale Courses account, or sign in to an existing account.
  • New Students: Enter your email address in the New Student area and click Create A New Account. Complete the Account and Student Information page and then click Continue.
  • Returning Students: Enter your account email and password and then click Log In To Your Account.
You will use your Gale Courses account email and password to log in to the My Classroom area to view your lessons once your session begins. Enter your Broomfield library card number in the box labeled Submit.  Then click “Use Library Card” to complete your enrollment.

If you enroll in a course, you must log in and view Lessons 1 and 2 within 13 days after the start date of the course or you will be automatically dropped. If you are dropped from a course, you can enroll again at a later time.

Is there a limit on the numbers of courses I take?
No, there is no limit on the number of courses and all courses are free.

How do I drop a course?
At this time, there is no way to manually drop a course. But you will be automatically dropped if you don't view the first two lessons within 13 days. There is no need to contact Gale or the Library about dropping the course afterwards. You will no longer be able to access the class again unless you enroll in a future session.

Can I enroll in a course after the official start date?
Yes, you can enroll in a course up to 13 days after the start date. But you must complete the first two lessons of the course within that 13-day period or you will be dropped on the 14th day.

Who can I contact if I am having technical problems with a course?
Contact Gale Courses by filling out a support case form. Unfortunately, the Library cannot assist with any technical issues encountered from using Gale Courses.