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  1. Sept. 10, 2018

    Extraction Oil and Gas formally re-submitted the July 27, 2018 Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) as required by the August 20, 2018 conditions of approval letter issued by the City and County Manager. Read on...

Under the law of the State of Colorado, local governments cannot prohibit oil and gas development within their jurisdiction, nor can local governments prohibit hydraulic fracturing. The Colorado Supreme Court has held that most regulatory aspects of oil and gas development are preempted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and beyond the authority of local governments. The city's goal is to develop strategy and legally permissible tools that best reflect Broomfield's community values. In order to accomplish the best outcome, Broomfield will work with the community as well as work with any current operators in the city and COGCC. This web page is to inform residents of upcoming meetings, past actions, resources and maps of current well sites.