Sharon Tessier

About Sharon Tessier

Sharon Tessier was elected by Ward 2 in 2013. Her current term ends November, 2021.
My husband, Josh and I have been happily together for 18 years; we have two amazing children who have been paramount in helping Josh and I strive to be better people. Both my kids go to Emerald Elementary and we couldn't be more pleased with our choice and blessed as parents. 

My husband grew up in this area and I moved here in 1997 and became a resident of Broomfield in 2007 when we bought our first home together.


Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Rhode Island in 1991; Master of Arts degree from John F. Kennedy University in 1997; currently have 2.5 years of PhD work from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in community service.


Adjunct faculty at Metropolitan State University of Denver for 11 years

Community Participation

For two years, I have been involved in creating and supporting the Emerald Elementary Garden Project and continue to serve the faculty, students and parents by helping and facilitating lessons that are garden specific. In the very near future, I look forward to serving on a few of the committees that help keep Broomfield thriving.

Spare Time Activities

My family and I love to hang out with each other, our friends and our community. We play board games, garden, participate in sports, hike, bike and explore the great outdoors of Colorado.

Philosophy of Local Government

Much like my philosophy in health, local government (Broomfield in particular) has more working than not. When we focus on what is working, we create small and sometimes great successes that help build upon those areas that have not quite measured up. It is important to give attention to the pathology but not at the expense of the overall picture.
For the most part, (Broomfield) residents typically want the same thing: safe and relatively quiet neighborhoods and roads, we also want clean air, soil and water and enough of these resources to support our growth. Other things include quality jobs and educational institutions, community connections and a place where we can mingle and support a downtown thereby generating revenue and community. When we (city council and residents) come together to share our ideas, we do so with the good of all in mind. Building our homes and families is a practice and a process; it takes careful planning, hard work, collaboration, patience, nurturing, fun and determination (to name a few), which in my opinion is just what it takes to build a successful local government. When we bring each other up and hold each other accountable, we not only adhere to and practice "the Broomfield way", but we also honor the heart of Broomfield.