Standing Water

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While it is good practice to get water away from the foundation of a home discharge to a pedestrian walkway can pose a number of safety hazards to the public. Standing water is a concern to Broomfield because of the threat of West Nile virus, algae growth, and ice in the winter, which can create a slipping hazard to pedestrians.

As you may be aware, sumps are designed to collect water from the perimeter foundation drain system of your house. Although it can be difficult at times to come up with a reasonable discharge system, we would like to offer a few alternatives to your current system:

  • Drain To Yard – The sump discharge pipe can be modified to drain to the yard for minimal cost. This type of system would allow the discharge to drain through the grass, allowing the water to dissipate, which should reduce the amount of water draining over the sidewalk to the street (2022 Broomfield Standards and Specifications Detail Drawing 600-1).
  • Sidewalk Chase Drain – Occasionally residents experience this drainage issue resulting from the runoff from their lot. In an effort to provide the conveyance of runoff directly to the curb, we have permitted the following sidewalk chase drains:

The installation of a sidewalk chase drain will require a Public/Private Improvement Permit (PPIP) application for staff review. As part of the permit application, please provide a sketch showing the proposed location and a photo(s) that will demonstrate the need for the sidewalk chase drain. Please contact the Broomfield Building Division at 303.438.6370 for any inquiries regarding contractor licensing.

The completed application can be submitted via email to or fax to 303.438.6297.