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  • City Council approved the resolution to adopt Resolution No. 2015-91 Creative Broomfield 2015 on May 12, 2015.See the City Council Minutes and Video.


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  • Review the documents to see how your organization can fulfill the goals of Creative Broomfield 2015

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The Plan

In 2001 the City and County of Broomfield adopted a master plan for cultural development, Creative Broomfield to provide a vision for the role of the arts and culture in Broomfield. In 2004, the Public Art Committee created a Public Art Master Plan and Guidelines to facilitate acquisition of public art for the City and County of Broomfield.

With the tremendous growth and change in Broomfield, Cultural Affairs will combine both plans to create the Arts and Culture Master Plan. This plan will be a comprehensive, community-wide action plan that articulates an overall vision for arts and culture and identifies specific short, mid and long term strategies.

This vision will guide stakeholders in identifying and growing the services, programs and resources enjoyed by Broomfield residents. The master plan will help stabilize and strengthen Broomfield's vibrant and expanding cultural landscape.


Why It's Time to Update

Creative Broomfield, which was created in 2001, has provided an excellent starting point for envisioning the role arts and culture play in the overall well-being of the community. With the tremendous growth in Broomfield, it is essential to update the plan and include the Depot Museum, Veterans Memorial Museum and the robust public art program.


The 2014 - 2015 Process



Stakeholder Meeting Summaries 

Stakeholder Meeting

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Public Meeting, December 1, 2014
Meeting Summary
Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities
Meeting Summary
Broomfield County Cultural Council
Meeting Summary
Broomfield Public Art Committee
Meeting Summary
Broomfield Depot Museum Friends
Meeting Summary
Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum
Meeting Summary
Broomfield Cultural Affairs Division Meeting Summary


Additional Stakeholders