Broomfield Public Art Committee Meeting Summary

Broomfield’s Public Art Program Ties Into the Community Fabric.
What is currently working:
  • Broomfield Public Art is somewhat diverse and reflects the community values of family and our natural surroundings in a whimsical and approachable manner.
  • Broomfield Public Art encourages residents to get outside and experience the unexpected.
  • Broomfield Public Art is successful due to the steadfast support of civic leaders and city staff.
  • The Broomfield Public Art Committee members represents a range of perspectives and experiences and are respectful of each other.
  • Public Art in Broomfield is a result of collaboration between many community stakeholders including the North Metro Fire District, Peak Entertainment, Open Space and Trails and Parks and Recreation.
  • The Public Art programs have been very successful and the result is a permanent collection of 27 works and several rotating 2D and 3D exhibits.

What are the challenges?
  • The Broomfield Public Art Committee desires to do a better job of telling our story and engaging the community.
  • The evolution of roles and responsibilities of PAC members and city staff needs to be discussed and strategized.
  • Due to the success of the program, city staff is at capacity in regards to providing support to the PAC.
  • City has not defined how public art dollars can be used to enhance properties that are not city owned such as business centers and shopping malls.

Ideas to address challenges:

  • Create a participatory community public art project.
  • Seek input from school leaders regarding what they want and need and how the public art program could be of benefit.
  • Highlight one piece of public art a month and promote it on the LED sign, at a bus stop shelter, to city council, etc.
  • Add more city staff hours for community engagement/community development and how it relates to public art.
  • Continuing the discussion with the city regarding how to work with developers and businesses in regards to including public art at their sites.