Broomfield Depot Museum Friends Meeting Summary

The Broomfield Depot Museum desires to “Connect People to History” by “Telling Compelling Stories”.
Some of the ways to meet this goal include:
  • Tell history of Broomfield inhabitants past and present.
  • Focus on agrarian roots.
  • Mobile exhibits on display throughout the city.
  • Share exhibits from other museums.
  • Assess historic preservation needs and opportunities in the community.
Current needs of the museum:
  • Climate controlled storage space.
  • Interpretive plan.
  • Strategic plan.
  • Comprehensive vision that includes museum staff, volunteers and Depot Friends.
Current needs of Depot Friends:
  • Better understanding of museum story so they can recruit more members, advocate effectively and successfully support programs.
  • Better understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how they relate to the city.
Next Step: Museum staff, volunteers and Depot Friends will meet to discuss roles and responsibilities and strategic planning and then report back in January.