Public Meeting Highlights - Dec 1, 2014

You Can do it in Broomfield.
Broomfield has a vibrant cultural landscape that supports local arts and cultural organizations.
Broomfield has an impressive and growing public art collection.
Broomfield residents are interested in a community participatory public art project.
Broomfield needs to expand on meaningful arts and culture programs that appeal to people in their 20s-40s.
Broomfield would benefit from a strong branding effort that tells a better story regarding the community’s attractions and amenities.
Broomfield lacks a downtown area and needs more restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, etc in order to attract artists and patrons.
Broomfield needs to provide resources for community engagement/development as it relates to culture.
Broomfield would benefit from public art in the city entryways.
The role of local government in producing and supporting arts and culture needs to be clearly defined.
The Auditorium is near capacity for usage and lacks the seating and backstage area required for regional and national performances.
Broomfield could benefit from community theater.