Code Compliance

Code ComplianceOur Mission and Responsibilities

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for the enforcement of our municipal ordinances that protect the basic character of residential and business areas through the investigation of items such as junk vehicles, weeds and rubbish complaints, and zoning violations.  We preserve the quality of Broomfield neighborhoods by ensuring compliance with the regulations of the Municipal Code designed to maintain a quality appearance for the community.

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News and Updates:

March 16, 2020:  Due to the closing of City and County Offices, Code Compliance will not be responding to code related complaints, phone calls, etc.   

Code violation reports, phone calls, emails, etc. will be replied to upon the reopening of our offices.

If you have an emergency, call 911 

Spring Cleanup

Spring is just around the corner and now is a great time to start cleaning up the yard!  Broomfield's annual Spring Cleanup is coming and this is a no-cost opportunity to rid your yard of any unwanted junk.  Get rid of it now and prevent a notice of violation from Code Compliance.  Click here for details.


In the meantime, please keep your public sidewalks clear of snow and get those lawn machines tuned up for the coming season!  


Broomfield Municipal Code requires snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks by noon the day following a snowfall.  If a Code Compliance Officer observes snow and ice on your sidewalk (or a complaint is received), you will be issued a notice to correct the violation and/or issued a court summons.  

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Many of our residents who are seniors or physically unable to shovel their sidewalks could use a helping hand!  Please click here to obtain information on how you can volunteer or request shoveling assistance.

Thank you Broomfield for working with us to keep our community safe and beautiful!