Code Compliance

Code ComplianceOur Mission and Responsibilities

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for the enforcement of our municipal ordinances that protect the basic character of residential and business areas through the investigation of items such as junk vehicles, weeds and rubbish complaints, and zoning violations.  We preserve the quality of Broomfield neighborhoods by ensuring compliance with the regulations of the Municipal Code designed to maintain a quality appearance for the community.

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It is spring in Broomfield and most residents have already started mowing their yards and pulling weeds.  The Code Compliance Division would like to remind all residents that weeds and grass must be kept below 12" tall.  This important code prevents rodents, snakes, and other critters from taking up residence in your yard, but also keeps sidewalks free from obstructions and the line-of-sight at intersections clear.  Tall weeds can also create a fire hazard and are not aesthetically pleasing.  Click here for the municipal ordinance regarding weeds and grass.

If a Code Compliance Officer observes weeds and grass taller than 12" at your property (or a complaint is received), you will be issued a notice to correct the violation.  Be sure to cut your grass and pull weeds before the date on your notice!  Failure to correct the violation can result in a summons to court and/or abatement of the violation by the City.

Thank you Broomfield for working with us to keep our community safe and beautiful!