Code Compliance

Mission and Responsibilities

Code Compliance is a unit of the Specials Operations Division of the Broomfield Police Department. If you would like to ask us a question or file a complaint please use the link below. You may also refer to the district map to determine which Code Compliance Officer works in your neighborhood and contact them directly.

Code Compliance is responsible for the enforcement of Broomfield municipal ordinances that are designed to protect the basic character of both residential and business areas. Officers with the unit investigate and address everything from weeds and rubbish to junk vehicles and zoning violations. Our goal is to achieve voluntary compliance through education and interaction with the community, and to maintain the quality of our neighborhoods. 

Report a code violation.

Report an encampment in Broomfield Parks and Open Space.

News and Updates

Watch out for those limbs!

With the recent windy weather, we would like to remind residents of their responsibility to maintain the trees on their property.  Trees that are dead, damaged, or infected should be examined by an arborist to determine whether they are dangerous to the life, limb, or property of someone not on the same property as the tree.  If so, the tree must be trimmed to removed to eliminate the threat to the public.  You may report a hazardous tree concern at the link above.  Hazardous tree reports require a name, phone number (or email) from the reporting person.  We cannot accept an anonymous complaint.  


Contact Us

  1. 7 DesCombes Dr, Broomfield CO 80020
    Code Line 303.464.5551
    Non-Emergency Police 303.438.6400


    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Saturday & Sunday
    Lobby Closed
    Lobby Closed


    Brandon Murray

    Code Compliance Manager
    Master Code Enforcement Professional


    Marcy Coleman

    Code Compliance Officer


    Pam Owens

    Code Compliance Officer