2015 Art for Awhile Program

Art for Awhile

2015 Selections:

Art for Awhile
is an art on loan program created by the Broomfield Public Art Committee (PAC) and sponsored by the City and County of Broomfield. Participating artists were chosen by the PAC to display their art and offer it for sale for one year. 

2015_relaxed poser_72
2015_of these we are made_72

Relaxed Poser of Strength
Manuel Corral
Running Girl
Harold Linke
Of These We Are Made
Justin Deister

2015_lady catrina_72
2015_my turn_72
2015_dancing aspens_72
Lady Catrina
Victoria Patti
My Turn
Robert Heintzelman
Dancing Aspens
Reven Swanson

2015_iron horse_72
2015_music inside_72
David Farquharson
2015 Broomfield's Choice
Iron Horse
Janene DiRico-Cable

Music Inside
Maureen Hearty

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