Quit Apps

QuitGuide App
QuitGuide iPhone and Android)
  • Tracks cravings, moods, slips, and smoke-free progress to help you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to successfully become and stay smoke-free.
Person holding phone with apps displayed

Smart Quit App
SmartQuit (iPhone and Android)
  • 8-day program that is completed before your quit day and offers up to 6 months of additional support, messages and tools to support success.

QuitSTART app quitSTART (iPhone and Android)
  • Gives tailored tips, inspiration and challenges to help teens become smoke-free and live healthier lives.

QuitNow! App
QuitNow! (iPhone and Android)
  • Tracks your progress on being smoke-free and allows you to connect with others for support and sharing.

Quit Smoking App
Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation (Android)
  • Allows you to see how long it’s been since you stopped smoking, money saved and health improvements. Bonus - you can play a fun game to help forget about your cravings.

Tobacco Quit and Save App Tobacco Quit and Save (iPhone and Android)
  • Tracks each day a you goes without a cigarette, money being saved, and days added to your life.

VA - Stay Quit Coach Stay Quit Coach (iPhone)
  • Gives specialized help to U.S. Veterans who want to quit smoking. App is designed to be used with a health care provider to prevent relapse.