Young Rembrandts

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Young Rembrandts was created to be fun. Young Rembrandts drawing classes offer child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark interest and increase knowledge retention, never losing sight that children learn best when they are engaged and entertained.

Our drawing programs are based on an acclaimed, step-by-step drawing method that works hand-in-hand with original art curriculum developed by a team of educators and artists. Our multisensory approach to learning meets every child at their level.

Weekly sessions are designed so a child can be enrolled from preschool to sixth grade and never repeat a lesson. This allows students to continually build skills and develop their personal style and creativity.

For more information please contact Michelle Brewer at or 303-997-4601

Young Rembrandts® Preschool Drawing Class

This fall, your pre-schooler will “fall” in love with our lessons. Just like the rainbow our youngest artists will create in the month of September, we will cover a colorful and pattern-rich spectrum of subjects. We’ll be careful not to get tangled up in our patterned spider web we draw in October! Learn about Native American culture through a detailed tepee we’ll draw in November, and celebrate the coming of the winter months with a nutcracker that takes his job seriously. In January we’ll draw a cute mouse with cheese, a mouthwatering pizza in February, and a cute puppy in March. All these and more exciting lessons are in store while we enhance our fine-motor skills, learn to stay on task and follow directions, and learn the discrimination skills so critical in the classroom!
Ages: 3 ½–5 years Location PDRC
Code Fee Day Time Date
76574 $39/$45 Thu 4–4:45pm Mar 2-23

Ages: 3 ½–5 years Location BCC
Code Fee Day Time Date

76586 $39/$45 Wed 3:15-4:00 p.m. Mar 1-22

Young Rembrandts® Elementary Drawing Class

Experience the colorful magic of fall in the Young Rembrandts classroom. Kick off the fall season with a cute iguana and the geometrical architecture of the Notre Dame Cathedral. In October, students will immerse themselves in autumn as they learn still life technique of pumpkins on the vine. As we near the end of the year we get ready for the holidays as we turn out a sweet drawing of a ginger bread house. In January our budding artists will have the opportunity to flex their creative muscle as they take on fun, artistic challenges like our Chinese New Year lesson. February and March bring a lot of culture and history into the classroom as our students’ imaginations are whisked away into the mind of master artist Salvador Dali and into the world of the T-Rex. We’ll draw these and many more lessons while we improve creative and critical thinking skills. Sign up now!
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Ages: 6–12 years  Location PDRC
Code Fee Day Time Date

76580 $49/$55 Thu 5-6pm Mar 2- 23

PreK Drawing Lessons

April showers bring May flowers and springtime is the right time for signing up your pre-schooler for a Young Rembrandts class! The month of April will roar with excitement as we draw a wonderful dinosaur. But it’s not all about lizards; your student will take flight as they draw an adorable bird's nest and colorful butterfly. In May, students will explore more color with our flower and kite lessons. Then, once school is out, sweep away those bouts of summer boredom and get ready to relax with summer fun, beach and castle-themed lessons! As always, Young Rembrandts provides a fun and creative environment where your child will learn how to draw and explore his or her artistic skills. A world of fantastic adventure awaits your budding artist all Spring and Summer. Enroll your child today!
Age: 3 ½ –5 years Location: PDRC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date
79846 $39/$45 Thu 4–4:45 pm Apr 4–Apr 27
79847 $39/$45 Thu 4–4:45 pm May 4–May 25
79848 $39/$45 Thu 4–4:45 pm Jun 8–Jun 29
79849 $39/$45 Thu 4–4:45 pm Jul 6–Jul 27
79850 $39/$45 Thu 4–4:45 pm Aug3–Aug 31*
* No Class Aug 24

Elementary & Cartoon Drawing Lessons: Student Choice!

There’s no better way to get a jump on spring than with our fun Young Rembrandts cartoon class. Hop into the month of April with our funny frogs drawings. These drawing will delight our students as they learn how to tell jokes through drawing. Your heart will smile when you see the cute and cuddly creatures your student will draw in our baby animals and vintage phone lessons. Once school is out, tickle your funny bone and get ready for big laughs as we take your child on a summer adventure through some rib-tickling camping, seaside and animal-themed lessons. As always, Young Rembrandts provides a fun and creative environment where your child will learn how to draw and explore his or her artistic skills. Brighten your child’s life with the gift of laughter and creativity. Enroll today!
Age: 6-13 years Location: PDRC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date
79851 $39/$45 Thu 5–6 pm Apr 4–27
79852 $39/$45 Thu 5–6 pm May 4–25
79853 $39/$45 Thu 5–6 pm Jun 8–29
79854 $39/$45 Thu 5–6 pm Jul 6–27
79855 $39/$45 Thu 5–6 pm Aug 3–31*
* No Class Aug 24

Horses, Horses & More Horses!

Five fun-filled days await our students as we explore the wonderful world of horses. Horses are not only graceful and majestic animals, but they are also excellent subjects to draw and color. In our Young Rembrandts Horse Drawing Workshop, our students will learn how to draw horses of all shapes, sizes, and styles. We’ll use different media to create colorful compositions which help our students strengthen their coloring skills. On the final day we will create a large drawing with pastels. Challenging drawings reward our students with a greater sense of accomplishment. Please wear an old shirt or smock to the final day of class. Enroll today! 
Age: 7–14 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79856 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jun 5–9
79868 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jul 31–Aug 4

NEW! Favorite Apps and Video Games Drawing Workshop

Art is all around us, including in our phone and online! Join Young Rembrandts for a workshop mimicking the amazing imagery of our Favorite Apps and Video Games! Every day students will learn new illustration and coloring techniques inspired by popular video games. Artwork is inspired by a pixel block characters, plants and zombies and many more classic and new apps and games. If your child loves to game or draw, they’ll have a blast putting their own personal touches on some of these favorites–sign up today!
Age: 6–13 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79857 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jun 12–16
79866 $149/$159 M-F 9 am–12 pm Jul 24–28

Ocean Life Pastel Workshop–A Fan Favorite!

Five, fun-filled days await our students as we explore ocean life as they learn to draw and color with pastels. We will create detailed, pastel compositions on each day, focusing on a different ocean-themed subject. We will draw eye-catching sea stars along the shoreline and a pair of vibrant clown fish. We will illustrate a sea turtle with bold patterns, a blue crab and a wondrous scene of jellyfish. Our instruction will bring remarkable results, and you will want to head to the frame shop with your child’s finished pastel pieces. These pastel drawings will reward students with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. 
Age: 6–13 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79858 $149/$159 M-F 9 am–12 pm Jun 19–23
79867 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jul 24–28

Fashion Runway 'Tween Style

Fashion Runway is back again with artwork and fashions to please and 'tween or teen! Join us for 5 days of drawing ‘tween fashions, layering different hip and fun pieces and dazzling accessories. This is the perfect workshop for the fashionista in your family! Students will learn to draw portraits, figures and tons of the latest ‘tween fashion trends. Hurry and enroll now, this workshop favorite fills up fast!
Age: 7–14 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79859 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jun 19–23

African Safari Workshop

Does your child love animals, especially the WILD ones? Go on a Safari adventure with Young Rembrandts this Spring Break! We will explore the exciting African continent and many animals that inhabit it. In four days we will draw a variety of animals in various scenes with different media–markers, color pencil and pastels! To keep things exciting, we will explore the animals of Africa through the fun technique of cartoon drawing well. We will even challenge our artistic talents by creating 2 large scenes–one in a graphic style filled with a variety of animals, and another focusing on the twists and turns of an African snake completed with pastel chalks. Our exploration through Africa allows for a bounty of adventure and creativity, so sign up now!
Age: 6–13 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79860 $149/$159 M-F 9 am–12 pm Jun 26–30

Prehistoric World of Pastels

Travel back in time to the land of the lost… Join Young Rembrandts for a workshop celebrating a favorite topic, dinosaurs! Every day students will learn to use pastels to create impressive and frame worthy art. Students will draw and color different types of dinosaurs in different artistic styles ranging from realism, graphic and cartoon. Perfect for boys or girls who love the ancient world of big lizards–sign up today!
Age: 7–14 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79861 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jun 26–30
79869 $149/$159 M-F 9 am–12 pm Aug 7–11

Fashion Runway 2017–Headshots, Flowers and Fashion

For the fashionistas, florists and budding makeup artists… Join Young Rembrandts for a workshop celebrating the beautiful world of girls. Every day students will be challenged and delighted drawing images that exude femininity and loveliness. Students will draw and color faces, stretch their imaginations illustrating whimsical flowers and challenge their creativity when tying them all together in fanciful settings. Prepare for elegance and a heap of drawing excellence–sign up today!
Age: 7–14 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79862 $149/$159 M-F 9 am–12 pm Jul 10–14
79865 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jul 17–21

Creative Critters Pastel Workshop

Animal lovers rejoice; an all new–all pastel workshop is here! Students will learn pastel drawing and texturing techniques to illustrate whimsical bees, a fanciful army of frogs, a striking owl and more artistic critters filled with detail. Challenge your creative kids by introducing them to the world of pastels, a guaranteed favorite summer tradition for every Young Rembrandts artist.
Age: 6–13 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79863 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Jul 10–14

Jr. Princess Workshop

Everybody loves to play dress-up! In this workshop we will learn to draw ourselves in “glamour” wear. Day 1, we will draw accessories including purses, crowns and jewelry. On Day 2, we will draw simple faces with crowns and hats. Day 3 will revisit the first two days while we draw figures wearing fancy gowns with a variety of accessories. Step-by-step Young Rembrandts drawing techniques will insure our success! Pencils, color pencils, markers and Sharpies™ will be used. 
Age: 5–7 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79864 $149/$159 M-F 9 am–12 pm Jul 17–21

Pirate Workshop

Ahoy mates! Join us as we explore the world of pirates with new drawing adventures! Pirates, treasure maps, sunken treasures, parrots, a grand pirate ship and more will inspire us as we draw, using cartoon and realistic drawing techniques. Kids love drawing our playful, expressive characters and will complete several drawings each day using the unique Young Rembrandts drawing method. They will show you all they have learned over the week when they complete one large scene on the final day. Get ready for pirate fun and enroll today! All materials provided and include pencils, color pencils, Sharpies™ and markers.
Age: 6–13 years Location: BCC
Code R/NR Fee Day Time Date

79870 $149/$159 M-F 12–3 pm Aug 7–11