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Dillon Road - W 144th

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Dillon Map for Website.pngCouncil has discussed and approved debt financing the project along with other CIP projects. The bond amount will provide funding to widen all segments of Dillon Road/West 144th Avenue from US 287 to Zuni Street.  

The roadway will be designed in general conformance with the Dillon Road/West 144th Avenue master plan. The project will follow a fast-track delivery method to allow construction documents to be released in phases so construction can start as early as possible. Under this strategy, utility construction would tentatively commence in fall 2017 and roadway work in fall 2018. The construction schedule will be determined based on the timing of the ROW acquisition from adjacent property owners, permit approval by external agencies, utility relocation, and any environmental or wildlife permitting restrictions. Construction is anticipated to be substantially complete in fall 2020.

In August a contract amendment with Muller Engineering was presented and approved by Council for the professional services needed to complete the roadway widening design of the additional segments.

In late June 2017, staff met with Boulder County to discuss the conceptual roadway layout from South 120th Street to Sheridan Boulevard, alignment of the multi-use trail and the necessary coordination as the project moves forward.

In April 2017, residents adjacent to Dillon Road between S. 120th St. and Sheridan Blvd. were invited to attend a neighborhood open house to view and discuss this preferred alternative:
Alternative 4

The current phase of the project will complete the ultimate widening of the west end of the Dillon Road/West 144th Avenue corridor to four continuous through lanes from just west of South 120th Street to Sheridan Boulevard. It will also add bike and pedestrian path/lane improvements from Sheridan Blvd. west to US 287. These include striped bike lanes, a detached or barrier-separated, multi-use trail along the south side of Dillon Road from Sheridan Blvd to the Rock Creek bridge on Road K (the West Dillon Road/Reid-Wright access); “Share the Road” signage in both directions across the Rock Creek bridge, connecting to the Rock Creek Trail; and a detached or barrier-separated multi-use trail from the Rock Creek Trail to the northeast corner of US 287.
Preferred Alternative for Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

In March 2017, Council directed staff to pursue the alternative that maximized safety and traffic progression.  Council requested that staff work with Boulder County for cost-sharing of the project.
Staff will review the preferred roadway layout and recommended bike path/lane alignments and coordinate design with Boulder County and the City of Lafayette. On-street bike lanes will be constructed along the remainder of the corridor, from Sheridan Boulevard to Zuni Street, with the respective phases.

On March 9, 2016, Broomfield staff had an open house with residents living adjacent to Dillon Road between S. 120th St. and Sheridan Blvd. to gather comments.

Click HERE to view public comments from this meeting.

On January 20, 2016, Broomfield staff met with representatives from Boulder County Transportation and Open Space to discuss:
  • conceptual layout of Dillon Road from South 120th Street to Sheridan Boulevard;
  • Bike lane and shared-use path alternatives from the Dillon Road bicycle/pedestrian access feasibility study; and
  • Approximations of right-of-way (ROW) needed from Boulder County to complete the proposed roadway and bicycle/pedestrian improvements.

Dillon 287 to 120th

Dillon Sheridan to Zuni

Dillon Road Expansion Project Rendering - East from S. 120th St. to Sheridan Blvd.

Conceptual Drawing
(Renderings and design by Mueller Engineering)

Background Information

Dillon Road/West 144th Avenue is a regional roadway with connectivity to I-25, US 287, and arterial street connections to Lafayette and Louisville. The roadway between the Northwest Parkway (NWP) and Zuni Street is in the City and County of Broomfield. 

Traffic Analysis Report established that traffic congestion is heaviest westbound during the morning peak hour, and eastbound during the afternoon peak. 
  • During the morning peak, the less congested eastbound trip took approximately 7 minutes at an average speed of 30 mph. While the very congested westbound trip took 17 minutes at an average speed of 12 mph.
  • During the afternoon peak, the less congested westbound trip took approximately 6 minutes at an average speed of 35 mph.
  • There was a rolling "stop and go" westbound vehicle queue extending east from Aspen Street nearly to Lowell Boulevard.
  • At times traffic would sit at a green traffic signal with no room to move forward. There was a long queue (20 plus vehicles) of northbound traffic on Aspen Street waiting to turn left onto 144th Avenue during each cycle.
Click HERE for Traffic Questions & Answers.

Click HERE for Dillon Rd./144th Ave. Traffic Forecast and Adjacent Roadway Impact Analysis Report.

The Broomfield City Council appropriated project funding in the 2016 budget to complete the ultimate widening of the west end of the Dillon Road/West 144th Avenue corridor to four continuous through lanes from just west of South 120th Street to Sheridan Boulevard. The project will include the recommended bike and pedestrian path/lane improvements. 

Comments or questions? Please email Noreen at ngardner@broomfield.org.