Broomfield Community Center Redevelopment

In April, Council discussed debt financing the project along with other CIP projects. On May 23, Council adopted a resolution authorizing staff to pursue debt financing for two capital projects, including this project. Staff will proceed by presenting a consultant agreement for the design award to Council in July.

The conceptual design involves the demolition of the north half of the facility to allow space on the site for a new facility to be constructed. This would allow the senior services wing of the building to remain open during the construction of a new 2 story Community Center; however, it would require that some programs move to the Paul Derda Recreation Center while others would be discontinued for approximately 18 to 24 months while the new facility is being constructed.

As we move forward with this process, there will be additional opportunities for community feedback.

The Broomfield Community Center (BCC) was constructed in 1974. A substantial renovation and addition of the Senior Center was completed in 1990. The BCC is at a point where substantial renovations are necessary. Many individual smaller projects have been requested over recent years due to the age of the facility. In addition, a substantial renovation and expansion of the BCC has been slated for the long range major building need for 2026. It became evident that the individual smaller projects needed to be combined and coordinated with an overall facility master plan so the improvements would integrate into the future plans and not become “throw away.” In addition, the improvements would have to maintain the operations and programs offered at the facility.

Davis Partnership Architects (Davis) was selected to develop a Master Plan for the facility that would allow for a phased approach to meet the operational needs of the facility with a Phase 1 project that would address the most urgent needs of the facility. The Phase 1 and associated Master Plan conceptual design was approved by Council at the July 21, 2015, Study Session. Subsequently, Davis was awarded a design agreement for the Phase 1 improvements at the August 25, 2015, Council meeting. The Phase 1 improvements included a partial demolition of the north side of the facility, a two story addition to include new locker rooms on the first floor, group fitness on the second floor, replacement of the elevator, and improving egress and storage for the facility. At the time of the design award, the funding for Phase 1, including design services, totaled $3,653,800.

During the design process and building code analysis, it was determined that the project will need to add a fire sprinkler and fire alarm system to the north half (recreational wing) of the building to meet current building code requirements; include relocation of the elevator to the new addition to avoid structural complications with the existing roof structures and the addition of a ramp from the main level to the locker/pool level to provide access to the elevator. The necessary design adjustments resulted in an updated overall project estimate of $4,153,956.

The Phase 1 project was bid and the low bidder was within the revised budget estimate. However, due to new and potentially costly findings regarding deficiencies with the existing pool, the direction has been to re-evaluate the cost- effectiveness and feasibility of a new larger facility replacement funded by debt financing.

BCC Redevelopment Plans