2015 Broomfield's Choice Winner

2015 Winner of the Broomfield's Choice Award

David Farquharson

Artist David Farquharson

"My work is inspired by scientific exploration and a desire to interact, engage, explore, and play. The two main components of my work are interactivity and light. I use light as my medium, mixed with a variety of other materials including glass, metals, plastics, and stone. Light doesn't stay confined to the physical artwork, it expands and touches the world around it, thus incorporating its surroundings and making them part of the piece as well. The audience or environment interacts with my sculptures through simple sensors that direct the lighting within the piece, making the viewer a key component of these public art installations. I earned an MFA in Sculpture in 2005 and in addition to my art, I have spent several years designing interactive and educational museum exhibits.
Illuminate! Uses simple sensors pick up electromagnetic fluctuations in the area that are emitted by almost everything: people, cars, cellphones, etc... The signals are then translated into color values that illuminate the piece. Small snippets of the chaos are constantly being observed and the millions of combined variables are displayed visually. It creates a constantly changing playful interaction with the people and energy on the street, and makes them an integral part of the artwork.
Examples of my sculpture, exhibit work, and other creative projects can be found at www.farhorizonart.com"

~David Farquharson

The Public Art Committee would like to thank the artists and participants for making this program a success.
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