Broomfield Housing Authority 

  1. Positions Open -     Nov 4, 2021
  2. History of Broomfield Housing Authority
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Who Should Apply?
  5. Appointment & Commitment
  6. Compensation
  7. How to Apply

Become a Housing Authority Commissioner 

Make affordable housing a reality in Broomfield! From November 4 - 28, the Broomfield Housing Authority (BHA) will be seeking five residents of Broomfield to serve as Commissioners with the following skills, qualifications and experience to progress affordable housing projects and policies:

  • Experience in housing development and management, especially prior experience at a housing authority or similar entity
  • Experience in development finance, especially management of operational and project funds over $1million (and developments of over $20M) 
  • Experience in housing policy and advocacy, especially in relation to housing and local housing policies
  • And/Or… Lived experience with housing insecurity, homelessness or living in affordable housing.