Housing Advisory Committee


  • 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
    • times are subject to change if required to accommodate agenda items
  • Second Monday of each month, generally
  • Calendar

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Seven citizen members serving four year overlapping terms and one alternate member. Resident alternate members shall serve a term of two years.

Current members are:

 Members: Term Expiration: 
  Anthony Kassel, Chair
 March 2022
  Joy Castillo
 March 2024
  Linda Fahrenbruch  March 2024
  Alan Feinstein  March 2022
  Barbara Kelly, Alternate  March 2022
  Robert Munroe  March 2022
  James Peters  March 2024
  Mindy Quiachon  March 2024
  Councilmember Sharon Tessier  
  Councilmember Elizabeth Law-Evans


The principal role of the Housing Advisory Committee is to present research findings and make recommendations to the City Council for further study or action. No final decision making authority rests with the committee.

The roles and responsibilities of this committee include:

  1. Research, review, and summarize for City Council activities and case histories of Broomfield affordable housing development and other front range housing projects.
  2. Research and summarize for City Council an assessment of housing needs in Broomfield, which would be updated annually, which includes identifying populations underserved, the types and price points of housing needed, etc.
  3. Research, develop, and recommend to City Council goals and objectives for the Broomfield Housing Authority (BHA) programs, including numeric targets.
  4. Review housing projects brought to the City and County of Broomfield – advise on ways to create affordable options within those project designs, such as: fee waivers, zoning changes, Public Land Dedication exchange, etc.
  5. Review possible projects presented to the BHA as partnerships, for feasibility and to make recommendations to City Council.
  6. Review the budget and annual plans of the BHA and make recommendations.
  7. Provide opportunity for continued collaboration with relevant community organizations.
  8. Review and recommend opportunities for cooperation with other City and County departments and non-profits to provide housing supportive services, when appropriate, to Broomfield residents.
  9. Other items as requested by City Council.

Staff Liaison

Jennifer Hoffman, City and County Manager
Cheryl St. Clair, Broomfield Staff Consultant

Get Involved

Any interested citizen is invited to attend council meetings. Applications for open positions are available in January of each year.