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Broomfield Auditorium Exhibit

shohini ghoshShonini Ghosh
Exhibit Dates: March 24 - June 25
Exhibit Hours: During public Auditorium events, see calendar

Artist Statement

A former lecturer at the University of Mumbai, India, Shohini Ghosh is a Denver-based artist whose works are a stylistic representation of genre subjects. Inspiration for her works, as she puts it “come from the therapeutic bonding felt by women when they get together to talk about life. It was something I grew up with, an ingrained part of any culture.” In 2011, she installed two bronze public art pieces in Changchun, China. She notes, “history proves that art acts as an effective impetus for individual spiritual growth, civic development and community pride. My time in China was very rewarding, and the permanency of the installations I did there fosters all three, I hope.”

Her work has been widely published and written about with a long list of exhibition history that includes many important venues: Littleton Historical Museum (Littleton, Colorado), Sandstone Gallery (Laguna Beach, California), Lowry Art Center (Fort Collins, Colorado), Hand Artes Gallery (Truchas, New Mexico), to name a few. Additionally, Shohini has many of her large scale sculptures in public places, such as Cas-tlegar, BC Canada, aforementioned as well as International Sculpture Park in China, Carbondale, Colorado Springs and Denver (Colorado), Billings and Sioux Falls (South Dakota), Eau Claire (Wisconsin), Mankato (Minnesota), Gillette (Wyoming), and numerous works all over the Indian subcontinent. Recently, she con-fronted a strange predicament—three cities wanting the same sculpture. Within the next month or two, she will be installing her new public sculptures in San Francisco, Breck CO, Parker CO and Evergreen CO.

Shohini has made presentations and given speeches at various symposiums and conferences, including the International Ceramic Symposium and China Changchun Sculpture Symposium, World Sculpture Conference , (all in China) and Miami River Art Fair in Miami Florida.
Shohini Ghosh  Shohini Ghosh  Shohini Ghosh

Shohini Ghosh  Shohini Ghosh  Shohini Ghosh

Shohini Ghosh

City of RainbowsBroomfield Auditorium Exhibit Space
The exhibit space is located in the 
Broomfield Auditorium lobby and features David Stephen's City of Rainbows.

This artwork was presented to the City and County of Broomfield from the 
Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities on June 15, 2002. Map it.

Exhibit Hours: 
During public Auditorium events

Cheryl German, Exhibit Coordinator
3 Community Park Road, Broomfield, CO 80020