Recall Information

Any Councilmember may be recalled after 90 days in office.  A recall committee of three to five people shall submit a blank petition to the Elections Division for approval as to form.  Once approved, the committee may circulate petitions for up to 60 days.  If enough signatures are collected, an election is held.  Voters may choose whether to recall the incumbent, and also select a replacement candidate if the recall is successful. 
Mayor and City Councilmembers
City Council Recall Handout
View Video of Recall Hearing - April 25, 2017

Replacement Candidate Information

Recall Candidate Affidavit
Recall Election Candidate Guide

Ward 4 Recall Replacement Candidate

 Name  File Affidavit
 Email  Phone Number
 Jason Anderson
 05/19/2017  920.224.5513
 Brian James Devine
 05/19/2017  303.828.3520

Recall Timeline for Greg Stokes 

Event Reference Date
Recall Petition committee submitted petition
for approval as to form.
31-4-502 (1)(c) C.R.S. Friday, March 3, 2017
City and County Clerk approves petition as to form 31-4-502 (1)(c) C.R.S. Friday, March 3, 2017
Committee had 60 days to gather signatures and
turn in petition. Petitioners submitted petition on
28th day.
31-4-503 (2)(a) C.R.S. Friday, March 31, 2017
City and County Clerk has 5 business days to 
determine if petition is sufficient. A determination
of sufficiency was issued on the 4th day along with
a report of accepted and rejected signatures.
31-4-503 (3)(a) C.R.S. Friday, April 7, 2017
A notarized protest under oath may be filed with the 
election division by a registered Broomfield voter by Monday,
April 17, 2017. The protest (in the form of a letter) must
set forth specifically the grounds for the protest. Grounds
for protest may include, but shall not be limited to,  the
failure of any portion of a petition or circular affidavit or
petition circulator to meet the requirements of law. The
petition contains a two hundred word general statement,
of the grounds on which the recall is sought, this statement
is intended as information for the voters of Broomfield.
Broomfield voters are the sole and exclusive judges of the
legality, reasonableness, and sufficiency of the grounds
assigned for recall, and said grounds are not open to review
or protest.
31-4-503 (2)(b) C.R.S. Due by April 17, 2017

Designating Karen Goldman to act as a Recall Hearing Officer.
Resolution No. 2017-56
Protest Hearing (Open to the Public)
   Date:  Tuesday, April 25, 2017
   Time:  Starting at 9:30am
   Location: One DesCombes Drive - Council Chambers

View Video of Hearing April 25, 2017
Findings of Facts and Conclusion Petition to Recall James Gregory Stokes from the Office of Councilmember, Ward 4

Recall Information Requested

Date of Request  Date Posted Name of Requester / Representing  What was Requested
 04/03/2017 Rich Coolidge / Vital for Colorado
A copy of the petitions to recall Greg Stokes filed on    March 31, 2017
Section 01  Section 02    Section 03   Section 04
Section 05  Section 06   Section 07    Section 08
Section 09  Section 10    Section 11     Section 12
Section 13   Section 14    Section 15    Section 16
Section 17   Section 18    Section 19    Section 20
Section 21   Section 22    Section 23   Section 24
Section 25   Section 26   Section 27    Section 28
Section 29   Section 30   Section 31    Section 32
Section 33   Section 34   Section 35
04/11/2017  04/11/2017  Ben Miller
Get the Greg Stokes Petition Signers Report in Excel document
 Greg Stokes
Copy of any other issue committee regarding the recall
 04/13/2017  Greg Stokes
Affidavit of Electors to Commence Recall of Greg Stokes (aka original request)
Original Recall Petition that was not to form
Recall Petition determined correct as to form
Email conversations between elections staff and Chad Murphy
Email conversations between elections staff and Nina Taylor
Email conversations between elections staff and Richard Martinez
 4/13/2017 4/15/2017
 Greg Stokes
Any statements/affidavits from Chad Murpy regarding       his status as a member of the recall committee
Any statements/affidavits from Nina Taylor regarding her status as a member of the recall committee
Any statements/affidavits from Richard Martinez regarding his status as a member of the recall committee
04/12/2017 04/27/2017  Marty Robinson
Provide copies of City and County of Broomfield emails using the following search criteria, Subject Line - to include word "recall", Timeframe - April 7 to 11, 2017, Distribution - received or sent by City Council Members
Laurie Anderson
Search of the email domain for emails between
(1) election staff and Greg Stokes between February 27, 2017 and April 27, 2017
(2) election staff and Nina Taylor other than what was posted on April 13, 2017
          Email Communications  



 Date Filed
 Petitioner / Plantiff
 Respondent / Defendant
 04/14/2017  Chad Murphy (Copy of Protest)
 Broomfield City and County Clerk
 04/17/2017  Jim Bensman / Martha Derda (Copy of Protest)
 Broomfield City and County Clerk
 04/17/2017  James G. Stokes (Copy of Protest)
 Broomfield City and County Clerk
 04/17/2017  Janet K. Bilsborrow / Karen G. Nelson (Copy of Protest)
 Broomfield City and County Clerk

Issue Committees

 Date Filed
 Name of Committee
Registered Agent
 Phone Number
 03/27/2017 Petition to Recall Greg Stokes from Office of Broomfield City Council Member
Chad Murphy  303.586.1620
 04/06/2017 Friends of Greg Stokes
James G. Stokes  303.466.6710

Campaign Finance Reports 

 Date Filed
 Name of Committee
 05/05/2017 Friends of Greg Stokes