Body Worn Camera Program

Broomfield Police Department is Evaluating the Use of Body Worn Cameras!

In an effort to continue promoting professional partnerships in respectful, innovative ways, the Broomfield Police Department will be evaluating a body camera program. The body camera program is a continuation of the Police Department’s ongoing efforts to build trust and transparency with the community and together, determine what technology and policy works best for Broomfield. 

The evaluation will encompass the testing of four models of Body Worn Cameras by 12 patrol officers and six detention officers. Each model of camera will be tested for a one week period, for four consecutive weeks. As such, the public may encounter one of these officers wearing and using a body camera in the course of their duties. The cameras will be worn on the front of the officer’s uniform in direct view of the public. 

Officers will be trained in the use of the body cameras, including when to record (criminal investigations, traffic contacts, custodial matters, and citizen complaints or concerns) and when not to record (First Amendment protected speech, association, religion or medical privacy matters).

Based on the the results of the product testing and the input gathered from the community, a Body Worn Camera system will be selected and purchased in the future. Testing begins on May 24th and will continue through June 21, 2017. 

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Body Worn Camera FAQs