B-REx (Broomfield Registration Excellence) is our new online registration system to improve your experience finding and registering for all programs, events and classes in the city and county. Sign up for email updates sent straight to your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

When can I access or setup a B-REx account online?
Current recreation pass holder accounts will be migrated and available to access starting October 2.
New accounts can be set up starting October 2.

Can I use the username and password from the current e-connect recreation online registration system with the new system? 
If you are a current recreation pass holder you will use your old password for the first log-in but will be prompted to update it with a username and password of your choosing.
If you do not have a current recreation pass, you can set up a new account and select your new username and password.

I can never remember my username or pin for the current e-connect recreation online registration system...
No problem,  just call a recreation center front desk to verify that we have your email address and we can send you a new username or password. 

What’s happening to my recreation membership pass?
  • Trade in your pass for a new B-REx pass (that now includes The Bay!) at Paul Derda or Broomfield Community Recreation Centers starting October 2. Current passes will automatically expire Nov 30,  with final payments processed Nov 15, 2017. 
  • Existing passholders, trade in between Oct. 2 and Oct 15 to receive a 15% Early-Bird Discount
  • Trade in or get a new pass from Oct 16-Jan 16 to receive a 10% discount
  • Credits from the old pass will be applied to the new B-REx pass upon purchase 
  • All passes will now require 2 months up-front payment 
Is there a Holiday Pass Sale this year?
Yes! Trade in your pass or get a new B-REx Pass (that now includes The Bay!) between Oct 16-Jan 16 to receive a 10% discount. 

I’m not a current recreation pass holder, when can I buy a new B-REx pass? 
Buy a new pass online at B-REx.com or in person starting Oct 16.

What’s happening to my recreation punch pass?
All punch passes, resident ID cards, lunch passes and silver sneakers passes will be migrated. 

When can I register for new 2018 programs online through the NEW B-REx.com site? 
  • Resident registrations begin Nov 2 at 6 a.m.  
  • Non-resident registrations begin Nov 16 at 6 a.m.
Can I still register for programs online?
Yes! Please continue registering for programs as you usually would. 
(You can see why Broomfield is making this shift to a one-stop-shop!)

Why doesn’t the Fall 2017 Brochure list Jan-May 2018 programs? 
The new Broomfield Program Guide will launch in conjunction with the new B-REx online program registration system that will list ALL city-wide programs from January 2018 - May 2018. You can expect the updated Program Guide in your mailbox and available to pick-up at the Library, PDRC, BCC and City Hall by November 2017.

Can I sign up for a library card in B-REx? 
To sign up for a library card please go here. If you already have a library card no action is needed. A library card is not needed to register for library programs.

When can I reserve a park for 2018? 
Applications will be taken online and processed beginning Jan 2. 

What questions do you have? Please submit your questions here so we can add more to this FAQs page.