Storage Tek Drive Underpass Trail Improvement

This project is to design and construct improvements to the existing underpass structure at Storage Tek Drive/Northwest Parkway on the Broomfield Trail RT-1 and is part of the regional Rock Creek Trail.  The improvements will provide for lighting, improved drainage, and paved access from the west side of the existing box culvert to the street level above.  

This project will provide a safe pedestrian and bike connection beneath 96th Street/Northwest Parkway.

A pre-project review was presented to Council in March, 2018.  The project is currently posted for contractor bids on Rocky Mountain BidNet.  Bids are due mid-April 2018.  A raptor’s nest was found on the site during an environmental habitat assessment.  Construction is planned to start in September 2018 to avoid the nesting season.


An underpass structure was constructed under 96th Street/Storage Tek Drive in the mid-1990's in anticipation of a future trail.  The underpass would be part of the RT1 trail segment.

Storage Tek Underpass Photo