Industrial Lane Bike Lane and Sidewalk

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Phase 1 design is completed.  Construction is anticipated to start in the Spring of 2022.

Phase 2 design is now starting with data collection.  The design is expected to be completed June 2022.  The design will start with evaluation of the alignment and whether the trail should be constructed on the north or south side of Industrial Lane from Shep’s Crossing (ped bridge) to the west.

Industrial Lane Feb 2020

Background Information

The project will create safe bike and pedestrian access along Industrial Lane. It will also improve access to the US 36 Bikeway for Broomfield residents.  A survey of the Industrial Lane corridor has been completed. 

This project will be coordinated with the West Midway Pedestrian Bridge project and the Nickel Street project to make significant improvements to bike and pedestrian mobility in the area.

The project was presented to the public on August 15, 2018, for feedback at the Broomfield Community Center as part of the Walk Bike Broomfield Open House. The public indicated preferences for a 12-foot concrete multi-use trail and to prioritize the  trail segment from Nickel Street to the box culvert under US 36. This is approximately halfway between Nickel Street and Flatiron Crossing on Industrial Lane. 

A design agreement with Loris and Associates (now Otak) was presented and approved by City Council on November 27, 2018. Design will include survey, underground utility engineering, geotechnical and right of way acquisition. 

Industrial Lane Bike Lane and Sidewalk

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